Tree and Bench Memorials provide the opportunity to celebrate and remember loved ones while enhancing the beauty and enjoyment of parks in the community. Donations made through the memorial program are tax deductible. Park benches and memorial trees are installed twice a year; once in the spring and once in the fall.



Dedicate a new or existing park bench in a neighborhood or flagship park. A 15-year park bench donation includes a concrete slab, bench and recognition plaque. Bench style varies by location. Recognition plaques are 8" x 3" with 3 lines; 75 characters maximum.

  • Flagship Parks: $2,500
  • Neighborhood Parks: $2,000
  • Corporate Donors: $3,500

Available Flagship Parks/Sites

Belmont Golf Club (formerly Downers Grove Golf Club), Belmont Prairie, Doerhoefer Park, Downer Burial Place, Downers Grove Museum/Wandschneider Park, Downers Grove Recreation Center, Fishel Park (playground only), Gilbert Park, Hummer Park, Lyman Woods, McCollum Park, Memorial Park, Prince Pond and Washington Park

Patriots Park is no longer available for memorial benches

Lifespan and Renewals

The lifespan of our benches is 15 years. After 15 years, a donor may opt to renew their bench at a discounted rate. If a donor opts not to renew, the donor will receive the plaque from the original bench. To renew your Park Bench Memorial, email

Contact Us

If you interested in a Park Bench Memorial, please contact us at or call 630.960.5451.


Donors may select a new tree from a variety of species suitable for planting by the Park District, depending on the season. A donor recognition plaque is included with the tree memorial. Existing trees are also available. A tree memorial continues throughout the life of the tree and a minimum of 10 years. Installed near the base of the tree, recognition plaques are 5" in diameter and include a name and date only.

  • Flagship Parks: $750
  • Neighborhood Parks: $750
  • Corporate Donors: $1,250

Species and Sites Available (subject to change)

Our Forester will work with you to select a tree that will thrive the best in your desired and available location.

  • Shade Trees: Approximately 50 feet at maturity and provide cool shade, offer habitats for wildlife and create an array of fall color.
    Year-round: Red Maple, Sugar Maple, Ohio Buckeye, Northern Catalpa, Kentucky Coffee Tree and American Basswood
    Spring only: Red Oak, Bur Oak and Swamp White Oak
  • Ornamental Trees: Approximately 15 to 30 feet at maturity and contribute interest to the landscape with flowers, fruit, fall color and form.
    Year-round: Serviceberry, Blue Beech, Crabapple and Hophornbeam
    Spring only: Black Alder, River Birch and Red Bud
  • Conifers: Approximately 50 feet at maturity. These cone-bearing trees are mostly evergreens, but some may drop their needles in the fall.
    Recommended planting in spring: Ponderosa Pine, Easter White Pine, Bald Cypress (deciduous), Norway Spruce, White Spruce, Green Spruce and Douglas Fir.

Contact Us

If you interested in a Park Bench Memorial, please contact us at or call 630.960.5451.


Memorials may be available for other park amenities including, but not limited to, fountains, pavilions and playgrounds.